At Volt-Age, we’re not just a brand

We’re a group of individuals from diverse backgrounds

We’re united by a profound passion for top-notch customer service and sustainability. Our ethos is anchored in our mission: to champion a greener tomorrow by delivering innovative and affordable eco-friendly energy solutions. Led by our dedicated team, our vision is of a world where every home and business harnesses sustainable energy. On this journey, our quintessential British values shape every decision. We’re deeply committed to environmental responsibility, ensuring that every solution we offer not only benefits our customers but also paves the way for a brighter, more sustainable future. With unwavering dedication to ongoing support and the empowerment of both our customers and our talented team, Volt-Age stands proud as a beacon of trust, innovation, and sustainability in the green energy sector. Join us on this pioneering journey.

Travel shouldn’t cost the earth!

We believe that sustainability is a personal journey

We empower individuals and businesses to choose their own path towards a sustainable lifestyle. Our unique business model allows you to handpick the products that best align with your sustainability goals, without any predefined order. Whether you prioritise solar panels, storage batteries, or electric vehicle (EV) chargers, the choice is entirely yours. We stay ahead of the curve, continuously researching and incorporating the latest sustainable trends and technologies, ensuring that you have access to cutting-edge solutions.

Our Team…

Laura Pountney

Operations Director

As Operations Director at Volt-Age, Laura brings over 25 years of expertise in managing head office functions across various industries. In her role, she combines her extensive experience with a dedication to guiding clients through their sustainability goals.

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Passionate about green living, Laura has embarked on her own journey towards an eco-friendly home. Having seen the positive impacts firsthand, she eagerly shares her experiences and insights on solar and energy storage.
A mother of two daughters, Laura believes strongly in work-life balance and empowering her children with a strong work ethic. Recognising the importance of flexibility, she embraces hybrid working models, facilitating both her own aspirations and those of her family.

Cameron Oakes

Technical Director

Having successfully completed a rigorous apprenticeship and attained level 3 qualifications, Cameron’s proficiency extends to the installation and commissioning of various cutting-edge technologies.

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Specialising in EV charging equipment, solar PV systems, and energy storage solutions, Cameron’s dedication to staying up to date with the latest industry trends ensures that his clients receive top-notch, forward-thinking solutions for their electrical needs.

With a keen eye for precision and an unwavering commitment to safety, Cameron consistently delivers excellent electrical solutions that cater to both residential and commercial needs.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Cameron’s passion for honing his skills isn’t limited to the realm of providing sustainable solutions – when he’s not in the office or supervising installations, you’re likely to find him on the golf course, perfecting his swing and enjoying the outdoors.

Our Values…

Guided by an unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability, we introduce you to our unique ethos underpinned by these key values:

Exceptional Customer Service

We believe in the power of personal connection. While we offer online platforms for convenience, we prioritize providing accessible and responsive support through phone or other means to address our customers’ needs and preferences.

Environmental Stewardship

Our commitment to a sustainable future drives us to deliver eco-friendly solutions for businesses and homes. By empowering our customers with renewable energy options, we contribute to a world where every footprint is positive.

Empowered Team

We value our team members as partners in our mission. By investing in their professional growth and offering competitive rewards, we attract and retain top talent in the industry, ensuring the highest quality of service for our clients.


We take pride in offering cost-effective, high-quality solutions. Our aim is to make sustainable energy options accessible and appealing to a wide range of customers, without compromising on quality or service.

Long-lasting Support

Our relationships with customers don’t end with a sale or installation. We provide ongoing support to ensure seamless integration of our solutions and continuous satisfaction with our products and services.


At Volt-Age, we are steadfast in maintaining a mantle of professionalism in every facet of our operation. Our team not only embodies our core values but also serves as an exemplar of the highest standards of industry expertise and ethical conduct, ensuring that every interaction is conducted with absolute professionalism and utmost respect for our stakeholders.

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