Workplace Charging Scheme

Businesses can apply for the Workplace Charging Grant. If you are eligible, the grant reduces the cost by up to 75% (£350 outlet) and is up to 40 charge points – a potential saving of £14,000.

The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) is a government scheme to help businesses with the initial expense of charge points for business premises and is applied for up to 6 months before installation.

Reduce costs

by up to 75% (£350 outlet)

Easy to apply

for business, charities and public authority workplaces

Who qualifies for the workplace charging scheme

The grant is quick and easy to apply for and is available to all businesses, charities and public authority workplaces with the following conditions:

1. Charge points must be fitted by an OZEV (Office for Zero Emission Vehicles) approved workplace installer

2. Although you do not need to own an electric vehicle you will need to declare intent*
3. Have consent from the landlord or own the property where charge points are to be installed

4. Dedicated parking (off-street)

* Intent of electric vehicle fleet or encourage staff to use

Find out more

Visit GOV.UK for information on grant schemes for electric vehicle charging infrastructure

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