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Energising your events

Introducing Volt-Age’s mobile EV charge points for uninterrupted fun

Drop by Volt-Age is here to fill the need for electric vehicle charge points for events and other gatherings and ensuring you can focus on having fun. We understand that the current electrical vehicle charge points distribution may not be sufficient or maybe missing entirely in some locations, and that is where we come in.

Ready to roll!

Drop by Volt-Age is ready to serve your e-vehicle charging needs so that you can enjoy the flexibility you desire. Holding an event and most of your friends have electric vehicles? We’re here to help.

Flexible options

Our fleet trailers are fully mobile and offer four charging sockets from one supply. Connected straight into your existing electricity supply. Drop by Volt-Age mobile trailers are the perfect alternative to fixed wall or post chargers where flexibility is required. You can hire them directly from us daily or weekly.

Mobile charging solutions for any occasion

Events and gatherings

Hosting an event where a significant number of attendees have electric vehicles? Drop by Volt-Age is here to keep the energy flowing, ensuring a seamless experience for your guests.

Remote locations

Our mobile charging trailers bring EV charging capabilities to remote locations, offering convenience and accessibility even in the most off-grid settings.

Customisable options

With our fleet trailers designed to suit various requirements, we can adapt our charging solutions to your specific needs, making Drop by Volt-Age the perfect choice for any occasion.

Easy setup and connection

Simple integration

Drop by Volt-Age mobile trailers can be connected directly to your existing electricity supply, offering a hassle-free charging experience.

Four charging sockets

Each mobile trailer is equipped with four charging sockets, allowing multiple vehicles to charge simultaneously from a single power supply.

Flexible alternatives

Our mobile charging trailers provide a versatile option compared to fixed wall or post chargers, giving you the freedom to adapt your charging setup as needed.

Rental options tailored to you

Daily or weekly rentals

Choose from daily or weekly rental options to suit the duration of your event or gathering, ensuring you have access to EV charging solutions when you need them most.

Expert assistance

Our team is available to help with setup and any questions you may have, guaranteeing a smooth and worry-free experience from start to finish

Product specifications

Instant setup and access

PEN protection

Load balancing

Power supply cable

supplied with 20m power supply cable (or more per request)

Open access charging

or OCPP1.6 connectivity to link to existing back office management/optional back office management/contactless payment system available

Shared power supply

multiple units can be installed from same power supply


and earth leakage protection

Join forces with Drop

Drop by Volt-Age is eager to join forces with other brands passionate about EV charging solutions. Planning an event like a marketing campaign, sponsoring a remote competition, or hosting a seasonal celebration? Let’s chat. Reach out to us with your collaboration ideas, and we’ll be excited to explore the possibilities together.

Find out more

Get in touch and we’ll be delighted to tell you more!

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