Sustainable options

Tailored energy solutions

The urgency to transition to green energy practices is palpable. Amidst the global push towards a sustainable future, Volt-Age stands tall, spearheading the movement with tailored sustainable energy solutions. Our expertise stretches across the spectrum, from installing cutting-edge EV chargers and solar panels to pioneering battery storage systems. Volt-Age’s commitment lies in empowering both residences and businesses with eco-efficient energy alternatives.

Sustainable options


These sustainable initiatives aren’t just about the environment – they touch every facet of our lives. The integration of our solutions brings not only a dramatic drop in energy costs but also curtails one’s carbon footprint. It’s a dual victory for both our clients and our blue planet.


In our endeavour to cater to a diverse clientele, Volt-Age offers a rich array of sustainable packs, each curated with flexibility in mind. Select a pack that aligns with your needs today and feel free to expand upon it tomorrow. The power of choice is in your hands.

Solar PV Pack

A curated selection of solar panels paired with the Givenergy Gen 1 Inverter and Battery. Harness the boundless energy of the sun. Ideal for those yearning to break free from traditional energy chains and keen on reducing costs. Experience energy autonomy with efficient storage and optimal power usage. Starting Price: £7,900

Comprehensive Solar PV Pack

An expansive solar solution complemented by the reliable Libbi Inverter and Battery. Enhance your solar output and storage capabilities. A robust choice for businesses seeking to spotlight their sustainable ethos and for homes looking to maximise green energy uptake. Starting Price: £11,700

EV Charger Pack

The Zappi EV charger supplemented with the Libbi Battery. Empower your electric drive! Designed for the eco-conscious motorist, it ensures your vehicle thrives on sustainably sourced energy, while the battery holds onto the power for when it’s most required. Starting Price: £12,900

Starter Home Solar Pack

A beginner-friendly set of solar panels accompanied by the Solis inverter. Embark on your green journey. Especially suited for newcomers to sustainable energy or homes with modest energy demands, it’s an economical gateway to the world of renewables. Starting Price: £4,500

EV Advanced Pack

The Zappi EV charger, bolstered by the Libbin inverter and Libbi Battery. Redefine electric mobility. Ideal for homeowners with EVs or businesses aiming to provide EV charging, it ensures eco-efficient charging backed by sustainable energy sources. Starting Price: £9,400

Why Volt-Age?

With us, you’re not just switching to green energy; you’re committing to a brighter, sustainable future. Our competitive pricing, woven with top-tier service, guarantees a smooth transition. The future is electric, and with Volt-Age, it promises to be greener than ever. Embrace tomorrow, today.

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