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Cost-effective and reliable

The WALLPOD is a cost-effective, reliable EV charger suited to both residential and commercial sites, delivering up to 7.4kW fast charging. As an OCPP compliant unit, it offers plug and charge or pay-to-charge via a smartphone or RFID device. It features dynamic load balancing and PME fault detection, eliminating the need for an earth rod and cutting installation costs. Also, it allows homeowners to harness their solar PV or other renewables for an eco-friendly, cost-free charge.

£1200 with grant
£1550 without grant

Up to 22kW superfast charging power with dynamic load balancing / Single or dual universal Type 2 socket or tethered lead for diverse EV compatibility / Plug and charge, mobile app or secure RFID card for user-friendly operation / 4G/Wi-Fi/Ethernet connectivity for constant updates and seamless control / Solar PV, battery storage, or wind turbine integration for sustainable charging / PME fault detection negates the need for an earth rod, ensuring safe and efficient charging / Over-the-air firmware/software updates keep your system at the forefront of EV charging technology / Made in the UK, encapsulated in an IK08 impact-resistant design / Wall or post mountable, for installation flexibility / Protected by security features such as cable lock, dual tamper, and breach notifications / OZEV grant fundable, making it a cost-effective choice / Confidently backed by MID-approved energy metering


Game-changing EV charger

The ZURA Intelligent EV Charger is a game-changer in the EV charging realm. Balancing smart tech with aesthetic elegance, this unit offers up to 22kW of high-speed charging, ideal for homes and businesses. ZURA’s adaptability extends to its single or dual outlet options, effortlessly catering to multiple EVs or those keen on future-proofing their setup. OCPP compliance means that charging is as easy as plug-and-play or pay-to-charge, all manageable through a mobile app or RFID, synced with any OCPP back-office management system. Choose ZURA for a seamless, efficient EV charging experience.

£1170 with grant
£1520 without grant

Up to 22kW charging with load balancing: fast and efficient / Universal type 2 or tethered lead: fits various EVS / Plug and charge or mobile app: easy to use / 4G/Wi-Fi/ethernet: always connected / Solar PV/battery integration: eco-friendly / PME fault detection: safe, no earth rod needed / Over-the-air updates: always up-to-date / UK-made, IK08 design: durable and local / Wall/post mountable: flexible installation / Advanced security: cable lock, dual alerts / OZEV fundable: cost-effective / Mid-approved metering: accurate billing


Catering to the modern driver

Experience smart, affordable, and powerful charging with the QUBEV Smart charging range. Designed to cater to the modern EV driver, these units offer up to 22kW of charging power without breaking the bank. Tailored for compatibility with all EVs, PHEVs, and even Solar power, they make charging seamless and efficient.

Take full control of your EV charging through the QUBEV Smart app. Schedule charging for off-peak hours, adjust power ratings, and monitor your energy usage right from your device. With the QUBEV Smart range, enjoy a smooth charging experience and ensure your EV is always ready for the next adventure.

£670 with grant
£1020 without grant

Power rating – Up to 7.4kW or 22kW models / Adjustable power rating – 10A, 13A, 16A and 32A / Free QUBEV Smart Wi-Fi app / Scheduled / off-peak charging / Solar compatible (single phase models only) / PEN fault and residual current protection (AC 30mA Type A, DC 6mA) / Dynamic load balancing (CT clamp(s) and cable(s) included) / OCPP 1.6 compliant / Built-in LED charging status indicator / UK Smart Charge Point Regulations Compliant / Including tamper security / Wi-Fi / Ethernet connectivity / IP54 and IK08 rated / Corrosion and fire resistant / CE and UKCA certified / Easy to install and maintain / Wall or post mounting options / OZEV grant fundable

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