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Zaptec Go

Smart and compact

The Zaptec Go charger is smart, compact, and safety-certified. It offers a 7.4kW charging variant, designed specifically for the UK, meeting the latest smart charge and security regulations. This charger holds a reputation for safety, with a UK-specific version that includes PEN fault detection for UK earthing systems. It stays future-proof and up-to-date through WiFi or 4G LTE-M and self-updates. Plus, its simple design includes a function-lit socket and standard RFID reader.

£750 with grant
£1100 without grant

7.4kW charging power / Features an intuitive function-lit socket and charge card (RFID chip) / Open PEN fault protection / Bluetooth Low / Energy (BLE 4.2), RFID. Also supports third-party integration alternatives (API, Webhooks) / Controlled via app / OCPP 1.6J cloud-to-cloud / 6 colour options / 5 year warranty

Zaptec Pro

Safer, faster charging

The Zaptec Pro offers faster charging up to 22kW with both 1- and 3-phase options. It guarantees safer charging with a built-in Type B RCD and supports future-oriented Plug & Charge (ISO15118). You can lock the charging cable to the station for security, and its 4G internet connectivity ensures reliable operation with software updates. Keep track of your charging consumption via the Zaptec portal or app, and control who can charge with identification through charging cards. It uses a Type 2 connector, adhering to international standards.

£1200 with grant
£1550 without grant

Faster charging up to 22kW, supporting both 1- and 3-phase / Safer charging with built-in Type B RCD / Supports future-oriented Plug & Charge (ISO15118) / Charging cable can be locked to the station for security / Reliable operation with 4G internet connectivity and software updates / Charging consumption can be tracked via Zaptec portal or app / Identification through charging cards to control who can charge / Uses Type 2 connector, adhering to international standards

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