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Indra Smart PRO

Advanced EV charging

The Smart PRO, crafted in Britain, is a premier EV charger presenting a superior 7.4kW charging capacity. Integrated with the latest smart technology, it guarantees cost-efficient, speedy, and advanced home charging. Directly harness cheap electricity rates and tap into your solar power without needing extra kits. It ensures utmost safety, eradicating the need for additional fuses or cluttering cables. Its versatile installation supports Wi-Fi, 4G, or Ethernet connections. Moreover, monitor status, tweak settings, and review your charging history through the dedicated Indra App.

£690 with grant
£1040 without grant

7.4kW charging power / Personal charging schedules / Solar compatible / Tethered and untethered / Cable Length: 5m tethered (optional extra: untethered) / Type 2 socket / Wi-Fi, 4G Bluetooth (option: GPRS) / Controlled via App / Charger LEDs / 1 colour option (White) / 5 year warranty

Indra Smart LUX

Sleek innovation

The Smart LUX™ is Indra’s pinnacle of charger technology, redefining compactness without compromising on features. At a mere 80mm depth, it claims the title of the slimmest charger, perfectly fitting the most confined spaces. Echoing Worcestershire’s elegance, it comes in four refined colours: Indra White, Symphony Black, Malvern Stone, and Elgar Grey, allowing you to personalize your charging setup (extra cost for colours other than black).

Not just a charger, the Smart LUX™ is an experience illuminated by an intuitive lighting feature that signals your charging status, erasing the need to check your app constantly. Durability is a hallmark of Indra chargers, and the Smart LUX™ is no exception, boasting superior resistance to weather and dust, underscored by an industry-leading 5-year warranty.

£1030 with grant
£1380 without grant

Chargepoint type / 230V single phase / 7.4kW power output / 32A maximum current / Type 2 socket / 1 output socket / 6m tethered cable / Advanced dynamic load management / PME & DC leakage protection / Dimensions: 201 x 306 x 78mm / Weight: 3.6kg / 5 year warranty / IP67 & IK10 ratings / Wall mount / Available in white / Smart App, 4G, WiFi, Ethernet connectivity / Solar integration

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