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Durable and stylish

Evec is a cost-effective single-phase EV and PHEV charger, designed for the contemporary home. Despite its affordability, it offers a compact, stylish design, fully compatible with all EVs and PHEVs given the correct cable. Its universal charging port and built-in LED indicators make monitoring a breeze. Enhanced with PEN Protection, smart charging via OCPP 1.6J protocols, and the Evec App, it ensures seamless operation. Its durability is underscored with corrosion resistance, fire retardance, and an IP55 rating. Power settings are adjustable between 3.7kW and 7.4kW. A perfect blend of efficiency, design, and safety, all CE and UKCA certified.

£550 with grant
£900 without grant

Universal charging capability / Budget-friendly and space-saving design / LED indicators showcasing charge progress and diagnostics / Integrated PEN safety feature / Comprehensive OCPP 1.6J standards with intelligent charge support / Equilibrium charging distribution / Managed via the Evec App / Designed to resist corrosion and withstand heat / Protected against dust and the elements with an IP55 rating / Power flexibility (options: 3.7kW or 7.4kW) / Accredited with CE and UKCA certifications

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