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Easee One

Dynamic power

This compact and efficient electric vehicle charging solution offers integrated protection and dynamic power. It’s significantly smaller, lightweight, and comes with a 3 year warranty. Appropriate for all electric cars and mains, it provides control through an app or local Wi-Fi. Choose between tethered or untethered with a click.

£750 with grant
£1100 without grant

7.4kW charging power / Schedule charging / Integrated SIM for areas with limited internet / Not compatible with solar / Subtle LED light / RFID / Controlled via app / Easee hook available for those that wish to leave the charging lead on site / 5 colour options / 3 year warranty

Easee Charge

Automatic detection

The intelligent Easee Charge adapts to all electric vehicles, power supplies, and mains, automatically detecting the car’s specifications. This charging station adapts to each car’s unique needs and can manage charging multiple cars simultaneously. No need to consider technicalities; it does it all for you.

£980 with grant
£1330 without grant

Easee Charge copy here: 1.4–22kW dynamic power / 3 units per fuse load balancing / Up to 101 chargers per circuit / Expandable with Easee Ready / Auto-queuing system / Offline balancing / Integrated 4G (eSIM), free lifetime sub / WIFI option / Permanent Type 2 lock / Earth fault protection / Integrated RFID (NFC/ISO 14443, MiFare) / +/- 2% energy measure / Made in Norway / A4 size, 1.5kg weight / 5 year warranty / Universal compatibility / Manual and app control / Colour choice

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